Inner Peace ~ Confidence ~ Resilience ~ Authenticity


From Survivor to Thriver ~ COREAGEOUS shows you how!


In her first book, Valerie J. Walsh took you on her journey of surviving her mother’s suicide, as well as facing her own trials in her candid memoir, Shattered to the Core.

Now, this award-winning author has penned another heart-felt book that once again is drawing her readers in with its authenticity. In COREAGEOUS, Walsh provides short, empowering stories that are each hallmarks of how to live your best life. A life that she calls, COREAGEOUS, and she shares the clear decision making and tools required to get there.

This book invites your active participation. Every chapter features three questions that provide an opportunity to reflect on what you’ve read and how you may relate. In addition, COREAGEOUS Challenges encourage you to tap into your own heart-center to fully embrace what it means to live your best life.

No matter your past, COREAGEOUS offers you the opportunity to choose who you will become and how you will grow.


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Read an Excerpt from COREAGEOUS!




As a little girl, watching L. Frank Baum’s timeless classic, “The Wizard of Oz,” I remember feeling so relieved to learn that the Cowardly Lion had his courage, all along. The Cowardly Lion had an authenticity and kindness about him.


As the lion’s beautiful story goes on, we learn that he demonstrated acts of courage throughout his entire quest. My relief came in knowing that courage didn’t look like any of the grand gestures that society had me believing were necessary. I learned that the true essence of courage extends far beyond what societal expectations place on each one of us (it wasn’t just the Cowardly Lion who sought validation by outside means).


The Wizard of Oz was the first memory I had of a story that showed me that courage is not something that can be bestowed upon us by anyone or anything. Rather, it is an intrinsic quality that arises within us when we are our authentic selves and share our hearts with others.


Rising to the occasion to be courageous, in big and small ways, and what it means to be COREAGEOUS is vast and more meaningful than any shiny medal of valor.


However, grand acts of courage are usually the ones we hear and read about more often, instead of the acts that stick to the original meaning of the word courageous. In one of its earliest forms, the word courage simply meant, “To speak one’s mind by telling what is in your heart.”


No, we are not bestowed with courage. Our ability to be COREAGEOUS is something that we cultivate over time, mistakes, lessons, and choices. We all have the ability to live a COREAGEOUS life. It is a mindset we adopt, a strength that we develop, and a practice we keep practicing, one small step at a time.


You have already taken those small steps throughout this book with each COREAGEOUS Challenge you decided to accept. Living a heart-centered, authentic life requires us to make a decision to take action and be disciplined about the things we need to do to live a life that is meaningful to who we are and our purpose. Essentially, before we can give, we must first receive the strength we need to operate from our CORE.


In the next and final chapter, I will share the CORE-strong Tool Kit.