About My Book

It is human nature to wait. We wait for the perfect time, for enough money, for signs…we wait. Until one day, life hits us with a “what were you waiting for exactly?” reminder.

My mother’s death by suicide in 2013 was my devastating reminder. The trauma of her death, coupled with a diagnosis that resulted in my double mastectomy just a few short months later, led me down a path of depression and crippling anxiety. Ultimately, I was forced to take a long, hard look at my life, particularly my physical and spiritual fitness, the CORE of who I am, and what my purpose is.  Only then could I confront the long years of intergenerational trauma and break the cycle that threatened to take me down as well.

SHATTERED TO THE CORE targets readers who seek to find hope through their pain. The memoir will also speak to readers who are curious what it is like to endure a double mastectomy with reconstruction, as I share my well documented journey.

Thank you,

Valerie J. Walsh